{M} Family

You guys definitely have style! I love their read and black color choices for their Christmas cards. I hope yall love your pictures!

Family of 3

So this baby has the coolest name hands down...John Wayne. This family came all the way from Big Piney, WY to have me take their family pictures. I feel honored! Enjoy your preview...

I LOVE this picture ha! Dad and Mom are making the same faces, and baby looks like he is thinking, "You guys are silly."

Family of Five

I love getting to meet new families and their cute kiddos! These kids were troopers in the colddd weather. Of course I gave the older kids a quarter after the shoot for being so good! I'm telling ya, if you want little ones to smile, give them money :)

This was classic! After Macy posed in front of the door, I told little brother it was his turn. He immediately posed just like his sister. It was too cute!

Lindsey+Josh Wedding

I adore these two!! I have been friends with Linds forever, and I'm so glad I got to be her wedding photographer. Josh and Linds, you looked stunning on your big day! The weather was crappy so we didn't get to take any bridals after they got married, but we shall soon!

I have photographed lots of weddings, but this WINS the trash the groom's car contest by far! There was Vaseline on the door handles and silly string everywhere!

Lara + Mike Wedding

I know this is picture overload, but I had to! Lara and Mike, I seriously had a blast taking your wedding pictures...the Oakland Temple is gorg! I am so glad I got to share a part of your wedding day with you guys! I want to live in Cali now, so I can say "hecka" all the time :)